5 Best Electric Tomato Juicer for Canning

Looking for the best electric tomato juicer for canning tomatoes? We’ve got the best solution for you!

Canned tomatoes are low in calorie sand packed with vitamin C and fiber. Naturally produced tomato juice in the home is even fresher and healthier compared with the ones sold in grocery stores.   

Canning tomato juice is one of the most natural ways is a perfect way to save it for later use. Once scanned, it becomes a welcome sight on a cold winter evening when the soup is in order. If you are ready to scan some tomato juices, you are on the track because today we are going to share the best electric tomato juicer for canning.

Guide in Buying the Best Tomato Juicer for Canning 


The choice of tomato juicer for canning can largely depend on how much juice you would want to produce. If you have a lot of tomatoes to juice and want to make a business out of them, you better have a larger electric tomato juicer. Compare the volume of juice that the model can provide you and choose the best one that can provide you with the maximum juice volume. It will help you save some cash in the long run. 

Washing Time

 Admittedly, tomatoes can make quite a mess. Hence, it is important to pick an electric juicer that is easy to wash and clean. Take note that vertical juicers are easier to clean because of their upright structure but they have smaller yield volume. Conversely, horizontal electric juicers mostly have large volume yields but are more challenging to clean because of the auger structure.


You may find it tricky when juicing tomatoes for the first time. Juicers eject to a much-wet pulp, which is very soft. Due to the tomato’s tenderness, it is normal for a majority of the juicers to create pulpier drinks. Look for the best juicer for canning tomato juice that removes the tiniest pulp. 


The construction of your electric juicer is part of the investment value of your money. Select a machine that is built to last for an extended period. The base housing must be built with food-grade materials for safety and protection. Juicers are often a combination of plastic and glass materials. Check the size of the motor – a bigger motor is ideal for heavy-duty while smaller motors are great for personal use only.


Of course, the final determining factor of whether your electric juicer is best for you is the price. Purchase a juicer that offers marvelous performance within your budget. Don’t just look at the price. There are many cheap juicers out there with enticing prices but will be going for repairs every week.

Review of the 5 Best Electric Tomato Juicer for Canning

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer

best electric tomato juicer for canning


  • Sturdy, compact structure
  • 700-watt motor that runs 14, 000RPM
  • Promote maximum extraction down to the last pulp
  • Stainless composition & heavy0-grade polymer body
  • 700 watts only

This centrifugal juicer is small but mighty. Like most powerful juicers, it gives the performance you crave for a personal juicer. Since you are canning a tomato juicer, it conveniently gathers pulp within the footprint of the unit to conserve counter space.

Kuvings BPA-Free NJE-3570U Masticating Slow Juicer

electric juicer for canning tomato juice


  • The very low noise level
  • Speed 80rpm, which is juices slowly
  • The auto-feeding style for convenience and faster operation
  • 7 various nozzles to fit your needs
  • East to assemble and dismantle for cleaning

Kuvings Multi-Purpose slow juicer is always a practical choice for health-conscious individuals. We recommend this when juicing tomatoes because of its low-speed masticating technology. That means, tomatoes undergo a very slow juicing process, which allows juice to be extracted at the least heat possible.

The unique system helps preserve the purity of tomato juice. The improved auto-feeding design makes the extraction process quick and hassle-free.

Model 250 Food Strainer and Sauce Maker, Electric Motor

electric juicer for canning tomato juicer


  • Comes with 4 unique accessories for finer tomato juice yield
  • With a 5-year service warranty
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Lightweight 

This tomato juicer for canning comes with a strainer and sauce maker, which makes it ideal for tomato juice extraction. If you want to cook homemade items like sauces, jams, and purees, use the food strainer to remove fibers and extra pulps. This is a fantastic option when separating vegetables from unwanted skins, stems, and seeds. It leaves you only with pure, delicious, and tasty tomato juice.

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3″ Feed Chute

tomato juicer for canning hamilton


  • Extracts pure tomato juice in seconds
  • 2 speeds for optimum quality of juice
  • With 3-year warranty
  • Extra-large 3-inch feed chute

 Another commendable electric juicer for canning tomatoes is the Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer. We always recommend this for individuals who want a refreshing orange juice, or nutrient-rich green juice from their favorite vegetables. It has a big mouth, which allows you to stuff more tomatoes. It works faster and requires very little time for preparation.

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer 83mm

best juicer for canning tomato juice aobosi


  • All food-adjacent plastics are BPA-free
  • Proprietary TRITAN plastics used throughout the body
  • The reverse function makes it easy to clean obstruction

This is another option if you want a slow juicer with a large feed chute. It helps accommodate larger fruits and tomatoes, except for celeries which require cutting to prevent getting stuck. The LED screen indicator looks so modern and it gives you not when the juicing is about to be done. It operates silently and makes steady juicing without too much spilling. It is safe and very easy to clean.

Do’s and Don’ts When Canning Tomatoes – The Juicer Rules

best juicer for canning tomato juice rules

Of course, there are rules to go by when juicing tomatoes for canning. These guidelines below will help you yield better-tasting tomato juice, that you can use for later.

DO: Prep Your Ingredients

Don’t just throw all your ingredients in the juicer. Slice bigger fruits, chop down vegetables and make sure they fit into the food chute. The actual juicing process is fast, with the components zipping through the auger. In seconds, you will have your fruits liquified with other ingredients.  

DO: Line Up Your Pulp Baskets

Juicing tomatoes create plenty of solid waste. To make up a snap, line up the pulp collection bin of your juicer with plastic wrap first. After juicing your tomatoes, just pull the wrap out and throw it. This technique is very useful in preventing tomatoes from spilling all over.

DO: Check your model manual if your juicer is a dishwasher

Other parts of your juicer will collect debris too such as the auger, lids, and blades. Before putting every in the dishwasher, double-check everything for feasibility. Otherwise, you could end up destroying your juicer.

When you are juicing, there are some things that you should avoid doing to prevent mishaps. Read on and learn the following things.

DON’TS: Let the juice sit around

Don’t leave your tomato juice uncovered. If you won’t use it within 24 hours learn to can it so you can have a fresh supply of tomato juice for a week. In our previous article, we have laid down the steps on how to scan your tomato juice. 

DON’TS: Using dry items

Don’t juice items that have low liquid content. Tomatoes are great for juicing because of the higher water content in them but you should steer clear from coconuts, sugar canes, and grains. Their hardness can destroy the auger of your slow juicer.

DON’TS: Using other hard items to push the components

Many juicers come to their plastic plungers to push the fruits into the auger. If your juicer doesn’t come with a plunger, try using a wooden ladle. Avoid metal objects and anything that could hard-press and destroy your machine. 

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