5 Best Juicers for Hard Fruits & Vegetables

Juicers gives you access to fresh fruit juice every day, allowing you to achieve a fresh cup in minutes. heightened awareness of personal health has many people looking for useful kitchen appliance such as a hard vegetable juicer.

Slow juicers were once thought of as only for the hardcore juicers and dieters. But nowadays, the availability of various juicers has inspired people to take on a new journey and start juicing. If you are concerned about your health and want to make a difference in your energy levels, now is a great time to buy a juicer.

In the following sections, we have discussed the five best juicer for hard fruits and vegetables.



Nutribullet NBJ50200 JUICER PRO

hard vegetable juicer

New to juicing? The Nutribullet Juicer Pro is the best juicers for beginners. It comes with everything starters need such as a freezer tray, a pulp bin, two glass to-go bottles, a cleaner brush, and recipe manual.

With 1000-watt motor, the Nutribullet is a powerful option if you want to juice hard fruits and vegetables. You can seal the pitcher to secure the juice and most of all, it is large enough to make family-sized drinks.


Hurom HP Slow Juicer

best juicer for hard vegetables

When it comes to juicing the Hurom HP slow juicer is always on the favorite’s list. It’s great for making personal-sized juices without taking a huge space in the kitchen. This is also the most feminine option being available in mint, pink, and cream. It’s absolutely something every lady must love.

However, since the feed chute of this juicer is wider there’s a need to chop the hard fruits and vegetables in very small pieces. Nevertheless, it’s the most practical option if you’re looking for a more affordable option for slow juicers.


Breville the 3X Bluicer

best juicer hard vegetables

If you’re looking for a powerful juicer doesn’t require prepping fruit, the Breville juicer will absolutely satisfy you. This 3x Juice has 5x juicing speeds that lets you adjust speed according to which fruit you’re juicing. The graphical guide is very useful.

For example, mode 1 is great for juicing citrus but you can use mode 5 to blitz through whole apples. Since the feeding chute is wide enough, you can feed a whole apple into it and still it can juice the apple.

Nutribullet Slow Juicer

best juicer hard vegetables

Looking for a budget friendly juicer? Another one on the list is the Nutribullet – a simple yet powerful juicer you can own. It requires simple assembly and prep time.

There’s a single on/off switch with 150W motor running at a constant speed for juicing fruits and vegetables. It also has 20oz jug, which is big enough to make drinks for a few people. Just make extra to store in the refrigerator.


SMEG Citrus Juicer

best juicer hard vegetables

If you’re primarily after a juicer than perfectly deal with citrus fruits and oranges, you will love this SMEG citrus juicer. It is available in black, red, and a range of pastel colors so feel free to choose the best color that fits your kitchen.

Although it has very little juicer storage onboard but the spout pointing down directly into a cup makes it very smart. It’s one of the best juicers for hard vegetables that you can operate easily. Just place your peeled oranges in the feed chute and let it run for a few seconds. Then you have a simple, fresh orange juicer anytime you want.

Hardest Fruits and Vegetables to Juice

best juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

Grocery stores are filled with fruits and vegetables. But how do you which one is hard or soft fruit when all fruits just have exterior.

Well, if you want to juice some fruits, you would want to start with soft ones because they produce more fruits than hard ones.


Cauliflower is a part of the brassica family, which includes broccoli and cabbage. It’s categorized as a hard vegetable because it barely has juice in it. It may require a lot of squeezes before you can extract fruit juice from its flesh.

Not all juicers can juice cauliflowers because its fibers can easily get stuck in the auger.  But it’s quite possible to juice with a cold press juicer for hard fruits and vegetables.


Celery is a popular vegetable for fitness enthusiasts because of its awesome health benefits. It is crunchy and delicious but it can also be juiced. You can check here for yummy recipes that you can try with celery.


Surprisingly, you can also juice eggplant. Although this is one of the hardest fruits, the best slow juicer can help you extract at least 90% of its juice. It helps detoxify the body, lowers blood pressure, and works as a great anti-inflammatory. It is also helps calm the nerves, thanks to the scopoletin and soroparone.  You can use 1 large eggplant, 2 apples, 2 carrots, and a stalk of celery to make the perfect Eggplant Juice. Then enjoy an explosion of flavors.

Head Lettuce

Well, lettuce is not just another green you can keep adding to your favorite sandwich. Apparently, head lettuce also contains juice that you can extract using the perfect juicer. Head lettuce is reach in Vitamin A, Potassium and Phosphorous.


There’s nothing like a glass of fresh carrot juice. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, carrot juice can be just perfect for your diet.  Carrots are complete immune booster and is great in keeping away cold and flu.

Sweet Potato

Most of you probably have tried making sweet potato fritters or boiled sweet potato. But how about a fresh sweet potato juice? If you haven’t tried, then it is time you invest in a good slow juicer so you can start getting yourself a dose of sweet potato – this time sweet potato juice!


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