Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor – Expert Review & Buying Guide

Spring or summer, what would be healthier than juicing to keep you cool? Aicook slow masticating juicer would be your only choice.

Juicing is one of the simplest things to perform. The stuff you’re going to need for juicing is the blender and the products. Juicers are sold in two types in the marketplace.

  1. Centrifugal
  2. Masticating

Centrifuges mix all the components and chew the fruit and smash the juice. In contrast, Masticating juicers are better suited for balanced juicing as they literally pinch the juice so that the juice stays anti-oxidized and enriched in nutrition.

The juice could also be conveniently stored in the refrigerator by masticating juicers for 2-3 days. The thing is, these juicers are a little expensive. Any of these juicers are over the target. Only the juicer maker AICOK sells the highest performance masticating juicers at the finest possible price.

Mostly Aicok Juicers are in the category of $100-$200. So, they are trustworthy for the high product and economical for their lower rates. Now in this post, you’ll have to know all the facts about Aicok juicer or where to purchase Aicok Juicer with the direct sight of their best brands. Let’s just read!

Aicok AMR 521 Slow Masticating Juicer


Aicok Slow



  • The weak Masticating process quickly removes the juice from leafy greens.
  • It needs a small amount of room on your kitchen counter.
  • The silent engine produces just 60 dB of noise.
  • Cleaning the pieces requires a minimum of effort.
  • Much cheaper than any other cold press juicer.
  • Convenient to assemble and disassemble
  • It generates no noise.
  • Reverse feature to stop clogging.
  • Not as successful in juicing hard and soft fruits and veggies.


Color: Black
Item Weight: 4.47 kilograms
Brand: Aicook
Item Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 11 inches
Warranty: 3 years


Aicok Slow- Best Masticating Juicer provides a clear alternative for those who love incorporating greens to their cocktail. The system works with leafy vegetables that sometimes may not have a lot of juice to bring out. That in addition to its convenience of use and maintenance, makes it an appropriate choice for daily use.

Of course, this is an inexpensive price tag that still shows you the easiest operative masticating juicer has to be offered. It’s pretty much a standard model, but with some modern features that render this one worth making. It’s slightly pricey because of the excellent adjustment. About the fact that it cost 20 bucks, it legitimizes the object. For all the new improvements you’re going to receive with this model, this juicer is a hard call.

The auger of this masticating juicer moves at 80 RPM, which stops proteins, carbohydrates, metals, trace micronutrients from being lost as compared to centrifugal juicers. Maintain reduced degradation, medium heat build-up, less frothing, and no blocking up.


Aicok AMR 521 Slow Masticating Juicer

Quality of the Juice

Removes juice with a watery consistency, foam, and a small amount of pulp is produced that, in turn, provides you the high-quality juice. As for the consistency of juice, we would suggest this one fits brilliantly. It’s going to make little mash. The mash that it generates is reasonably dry. Slow juicers are excellent for the preservation of enzymes, catalysts, vitamins and minerals. Unlike fast juicers, you wouldn’t have to consume the juice right away. If you like to drink, you can place it in a rest and drink. The juice has a similar flavor and consistency. Push, cut, and bite into the juice that is comparable to a disperse juicer.

Performance and Design

Aicok is the perfect companion to juice leafy greens. Although it falls short when it comes to other forms of goods, including soft and heavy. It has a modern winding framework of 7 parts. This sets up each layer of your vegetable food for the largest production of juice. In this way, you’re going to have the least corrosion and the best nutrition. It has a decent pace of 80 RPM and also has a 10% improvement in upkeep. The outstanding return had a production of 80% juice. It does not induce unnecessary heat or touch, and the motor is usually nearby. Know, if you like the most intense life span of the juicer, never use it with rapid succession for more than 20 minutes.

Quality Manufacturing

Another aspect we would like to write about Aicok is that they have incredible customer service. What’s even more, this juicer has been verified by ETL. Secure PMMA content used in the production process which keeps running for a long time. Low concussion, below 60 dB. Until something else, nobody likes the vexatious noise. The peaceful and healthy operation of this juice maker will offer you a comfortable backdrop for you and your kids.

Simple to Use

With its single-speed settings, simple assembly, and effortless washing, Aicok is a no-frill juicer option. It’s incredibly easy to gather, and all the interchangeable pieces are safe for the dishwasher.


This multipurpose unit produces a fair volume of juice with a minimum amount of pulp. But the ultra-thin and watery quality could not be a victory for some juice lovers. It extricates a variety of nuts and seeds, such as cabbage, carrot, wheat grass, green vegetables, broccoli, bananas, citrus, etc. All of these features make the juicer a powerful unit worth buying in for a kitchen design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aicok is particularly a great brand if you’re looking for high-quality items with great features that don’t break the bank. In fact, they have a number of juicers built to suit particular consumer desires.

Aicok is committed to your house, selling items that put your family together.   As a leading retailer of household appliances in North America and Europe, they are dedicated to introducing functional goods to your home to provide you with a convenient and safe way of life.

Aicok is manufactured in China and has many types of worktop items, mostly of really high quality, so we expect this to outlast last few low-priced American mixers.

Final Verdict

If you’re hunting for something good, but you wouldn’t want to split the bank, we suggest you purchasing AICOK AMR521. This is going to breeze through carrots with comfort and comes with at least 3 years warranty.

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