5 Best Ginger juicers, Expert Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

If you are searching to buy the best ginger juicers with complete buying guide and expert reviews, this article will really helps you.

The narrative of ginger juice dates back to some more than 5 thousand of years, when the old Chinese scholar Confucius found his curing abilities and was used by the Romans as a sign of prosperity and vitality.

Meanwhile, by the 13th century, it was processed to improve its shelf life and exported to different places. Last but not least, It is assumed in those days, a quarter of ginger was equivalent to the price of a whole cow!

Unquestionably, ginger is one of the most-strong spices in the world and it has been highly regarded for its therapeutic characteristics and medical benefits. In India, you’ll find ginger throughout every kitchen and as an ingredient of every ethnic food.

From being a peppery spice to an enticing garnish and in addition even an important part of certain cultural practices, the ginger root has a wide range of applications.

Besides its edible use, any portion of this powerful herb has tremendous properties. In fact, Ayurveda has been seen as a soothing spice that can inhibit movement or air disease, enhance digestion and relieve joint pain. The spicy ginger juice has a strong nutritious influence and can also act as a beneficial natural remedy.

Best Ginger Juice Benefits & A Complete Guide.

Extraction of Ginger juice

There are two simple methods to generate ginger juice at home.

  • In the first method, a plain grater can be used to grind fresh ginger with the smallest holes. Place a bowl underneath the grater to catch the grated ginger. Then, place all the Crush ginger in the cheesecloth, seal it properly, and then pressed it over an empty bottle or bowl to absorb all the juice.
  • Alternatively, you should use a juicer or a blender to remove ginger juice. Add little pieces of ginger and a little water and mix. Take the ginger bits out and insert them in the cheesecloth. Since the juice comprises the whole essence of ginger, it can be a little putrid-smelling or spicy.

You should apply it to your antioxidant juices to give it an extra boost or even to your cup of tea along with the honey that’s perfect for balancing the sourness.

Natural ginger juice is only going to last you for a day or maybe 1 because it’s acidic in nature, appears to have limited shelf life. Even so, an effective way to store it during the hot weather is to freeze it in an ice-cream tray and freeze it as a dip of creamy cubes in your juice or ice-cream tea whenever possible.

Some Wonderful Benefits of juicing Ginger for Common Health complications

Enhance Digestive System Activity

Ginger juice has some phenolic compounds which can help you activate your sweet cravings and let juices flow. It cleanses the mouth and increases the development of saliva that supports the digestive system. Using a mixture of ginger juice, sodium and lemon before or after meals makes it much easier to absorb your nutrition.

Alleviates congestion and coldness

Ginger juice has wonderful antimicrobial effects. Eating ginger juice with dry pepper will help to remove mucus and inflammation in the lungs. Mix the same amount of ginger juice and sugar to cure a cold and drink it hot at least 3 times a day. Drinking pure ginger juice will also help clear the sore throat.

Some Wonderful Benefits of Juicing Ginger for Common Health Complications

Pain Reducer

Fresh ginger juice is recognized for its antimicrobial effects and is known to serve as a pain killer. With a toothache, it’s safest to hold a little slice of ginger between your cheek and your tooth, and let the natural juices do the work. Drink 2 teaspoons of ginger juice and honey for migraine.

Controls High BP

World famous health researcher Michael Castleman states in his book ‘The Healing Herbs’ that some organic compounds in ginger can help relieve hypertension or high blood pressure. It stops blood clots from developing in the arteries and internal organs, thus regulating blood pressure.

According to Castleman, the organic compounds in ginger will also help reduce total cholesterol levels and also low-density lipoproteins that can trigger cardiac failure. It is advised that you have a teaspoon of ground ginger juice two times per day, but you can contact your medical person beforehand.

 Eradicates Foul breath

Ginger juice will even do wonders with a poor breath and rescue you from awkward scenarios. Vitamin C in ginger juice may kill pathogenic bacteria that trigger a foul breath. Mix a bowlful of ginger juice with a little lime in hot water and guzzle for a few moments.

5 Best Ginger Juicer Machines

Hurom HP Slow Juicer, White Hurom HP Slow Juicer, White
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Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition System Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition System
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KOIOS Juicer, slow Juicer Extractor KOIOS Juicer, slow Juicer Extractor
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Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
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Slow Masticating Juicer, AMZCHEF Slow Juicer Extractor Slow Masticating Juicer, AMZCHEF Slow Juicer Extractor
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Top Reviews of Best Ginger juicers

1. Hurom HP Slow Juicer, White


Hurom HP Slow Juicer



  • Not so expensive
  • Three strainers form
  • Newest Juicing Technology
  • 10-year engine warranty
  • 2-year parts warranty
  • Could be loud


Color: Matte Black
Material: Plastic
Brand: Hurom
Item Weight: 10.6 Pounds
Item Dimension LxWxH: 7.1 x 8.8 x 16 inches

The elite Hurom Slow Juicer can efficiently handle hard & soft fruits, veggies, leafy crop, whey, nuts and soy to produce different fruits, milks, sauces, marinades, even baby foods, fresh soy milk, milks of nuts and ginger.

These computers have a sophisticated locking system. Unless all parts are correctly locked in place, the computer will not turn on. Only then, for safety reasons, will the engine start. The efficient engine operation of the Hurom Elite Slow Juicer uses just 150 Watts of energy and is guaranteed for 10 years on the engine and two years on parts.



The Hurom HP gives you modern and stylish elegance with an optimized style that involves seamless curves that progressively become slimmer at the rear.


The Hurom HP rotates at a rate of just 43 revolutions per minute, engineered to ensure that your juice preserves all its natural nutrients by this steady squeezing of proprietary technology.


Hurom spent decades refining the flavor of its juicers. Slow Squeezing TM by Hurom squeezes ingredients gently to retain the natural flavor & nutrients lost by squeezing and smashing high-speed juicers.

Punch paper

A single drop of juice is squeezed by our special low speed, resulting in the bone-dry pulp. Slow juicing preserves hot-sensitive nutrients including vitamins A & C as well as living enzymes.


It functions to grow nutritious fruits, berries, leafy greens, nuts and soy, juices, milk, tofu, and more.

2. KOIOS Juicer, slow Juicer Extractor


KOIOS Juicer, slow Juicer



  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Silent engine juicer
  • Best for fitness-lovers
  • 80 RPM
  • perfect and powerful juicer
  • It can overheat


Color: Red-Black
Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturer: KOIOS
Product Weight: 9.68 Pounds
Product Dimension LxWxH: 0.5 x 15.75 x 9.06 inches

It is one of the best ginger juicing machine on the marketplace currently. There are two KOIOS B5100 juicing programs that are soft and hard juicing features that make it easy to juice any type of fruit and veggies, rendering this a very versatile multi-tasking juicer. All types of “hard fruits and vegetables” can be extracted, such as “cabbage, ginger, leafy vegetables, carrots, mangoes etc.”


The stronger nutritional quality

The centrifugal juicer prevents salt, carbohydrates and proteins from becoming lost. Less oxidation, low heat generation and reduced pulping are better preserved.

Quiet and relaxed

The juicer is less than 60 dB while running. Components easy to assemble, use and vacuum and safely clean for the dishwasher.

Higher production of centrifugal juicer

You’ll have a true taste, a very tasty, delicious, rich and centered juicer. You will enjoy a quiet environment and a healthy living design while juicing.

Most of all

The motor comes with a 10-year warranty. The remaining modules are covered by a 3-year warranty. Free cookbook for reading with this slow juicer about the dishes you should make.

3. Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition System


Omega NC800HDS Juicer



  • Simple to use
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • No overheating
  • Time-saving
  • High foaming


Color: Silver
Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Brand: Omega
Item weight 18.7 pounds
Finish type: Silver

The Omega NC800 is the best juicer for ginger, which is effective in squeezing, pressing and chewing the fruits and veggies you want to process. The pulp and juice are extracted and, although the operation is weaker because of the centrifugal juicer, the extraction is fully operational, with the nutritional content of the flavors, the antioxidants and the essential flavor.


Higher juices for sustainability

The low-speed 80 RPM decreases the heat and oxidation in order to promote healthy enzymes. You do not need to worry about the overheating during the process.

Superb juice consistency

Extract the highest sum from the small amounts of bees, spices, leafy greens and wheatgrass, carbohydrates, flavors and juices.

Maximum food supply

Extrude pasta, coffee ground, and spices, turn the nuts into almond butter, make the ice cream and peanut butter. The low-speed 80 RPM decreases the heat and oxidation in order to promote healthy enzymes.

4. Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor


Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating



  • Needs little space
  • 60 dB of noise
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Not very expensive
  • Lots of pulp


Power: 150W
Brand: Aicok
Voltage: 110V
Size: 16L x 8W x 11H inches

Aicok Slow- Best Ginger Masticating Juicer is a clear choice for people who want to add greens to their cocktails. The machine works with leafy vegetables that may not often contain much juice. It makes it ideal for everyday usage as well as for its ease of use and maintenance. Naturally, this is a cheap price tag, which indicates that you have to sell the easiest operative chewing juicer.


Juice attributes

It extracts juice, a lot of foam, and a small amount of pulp with a watery consistency. Comes with a blank cone that gives the ability to process soft mushy fruits by a masticating juicer and perform homogenizing and other food processing functions

Quick to run

Aicok is the no-frill juicer alternative, with its single-speed configurations, quick assembly and easy washing. Aicok is the right match for leafy greens juice. It is short in other types of commodities, even though they are weak and hard.

Small Pulp

A fair volume with a small pulp volume is provided by the machine. But for some juice lovers the ultra-thin, watery consistency couldn’t be a win. The parts need minimal effort to clean them. A lot cheaper than any other juicer in the cold press.

5. Slow Masticating Juicer, AMZCHEF Slow Juicer Extractor


AMZCHEF Slow Juicer



  • Great Juicing adventure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  •  Very versatile juicer
  • Pulp could stuck!


Color: Silver
Material: Plastic
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Item Dimension LxWxH: 9.84 x 7.87 x 9.84 inches

The Slow juicer AMZCHEF consists of high-quality components and is politically appealing to its efficiency. The AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer is the strongest ginger extractor and very easy to use in contrast. This latest and best ginger squeezer will be your favorite. It’s much better than a regular juicer. It’s much easier to distract, sweep, and unite. There is much higher quality in juice.


Large Feeding Chute

Ultra-large 3-inch feed drop integrates large fruit conveniently. Small juicer for ginger with feed hopper 1-57 inch is ideal for leafy greens and ingredients with a small strip structure.72-hours shelf life.

Strong Efficiency  

Up-to 60 decibels make this juicer way more-easier, and comfortable to operate. Moreover 56 RPM presses the fruit efficiently and provide 95 percent more juice when compares to centrifugal juicers.

Easy to use

It consists of safe material of BPA free. This juicer has a major impact on the safety and protection of public health. 4-step mounting, easy to install. Simple to purify.

Buying guide for best Ginger juicer

Best Ginger juicers
Infographic: Best Ginger juicers Buying Guide


The herb ginger has countless health advantages. To enhance your body with such benefits, you should take a glass or ginger juice regularly, as it provides necessary vitamins and antioxidants to human body. Ginger juice strengthens your immune system as well. Sometimes, it is not easy for us to eat veggie as it is, thus we can consume it by extracting its juice.Nutritionists  have named the ginger as super food. Hence, we can benefit ourselves with its nutritional values through juicing. We can make the ginger shots the flavored juices by adding certain colorstastes like lemon, orange, turmeric drinks in it. Ginger shots are spicy to some extent and nasty to drink. So, you can take it in small quantity to benefit yourself.

Best juicers for Ginger

Juice is extracted from any kind of veggie and fruit with the help of juicer. If the juicer does not perform properly, then all of your money and time will go in vain. As, ginger is one of the hard roots, so it is not easy to juice it properly. You will need  a juicer that can extract juicer from ginger with all nutritional values in it, so that you can get all the benefits of ginger juice. You will find a lot of ginger juicer of different sizes, colors, shapes, designs, purposes and brands on stores.

Guide to buy best juicer for Ginger

To get a juice full of nutritional values, you need to buy a perfect ginger juicer. There are a lot of things you need to consider while buying a ginger juicer. There are some juicers that can extract juice from hard vegetables; on the other hand some juicers can extract juice from food. So, you should choose  a juicer according to your type of juicing. I have mentioned above the names of best juicers to extract juice from ginger, now here are some important features that you need to consider before buying these juicers.

Kind of juicer

Juicer’s type is one of the most important features to consider when buying a juicer for ginger. If you want juice without any pulp at the output, you should buy a masticating juicer. Omega NC800 juicer and Tribest Slowstar Vertical slow juicer are two best masticating juicers to extract juice from ginger. If you want the juice with pulp, you need to buy a centrifugal juicer. It will give you output quickly. Hamilton Beach juicer is best centrifugal juicer to extract juicer from ginger.

Level of noise

Noise level is directly proportional to power. Mostly, powerful juicers have high noise level.  Powerful juicers can crush the hard fruits and vegetables. Typically, a juicer has noise level of 81-88 decibels. You should expect some noise from centrifugal juicers. Comparatively, masticating juicers create low sound due their slow speed. Any juicer with the noise level greater than typical range can be too noisy to bear.

Weight and Dimension

If you have small kitchen area, you need to find a juicer of compact size. You should find either Tribest Slowstar Vertical slow juicer or Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine for  small kitchen.

Feeding chute

Juicer with larger size feeding chute saves your time. With larger size feeding chute, you don’t need to cut your veggie or fruit into smaller pieces. You can use centrifugal juicer to enjoy this characteristic of greater feeding chute. Masticating juicers are not available with large feeding chutes. They need smaller prices to extract juice, and thus consumes your time.


Powerful juicers have strong motors in them and they work according to the capacity of their motor. Centrifugal juicers are more powerful juicers than masticating juicers and hence they perform quick actions.

Foam removal feature

When you buy a juicer, make sure that the jug must consist of foam removal feature. This characteristic of jug can save your labor and time, as foam divider (a plastic wall) permits only juice to through but not anything that is denser like foam. You can drink your juice first instead to removing the foam.

Comfort of cleaning

While buying a juicer, prefer one that is easily cleanable so that your precious time may save. Juicers with least numbers of separate parts should be preferable, so that they can be washed quickly. The system of  pulp expulsion in a juicer can help in cleaning operation. Also, make sure to buy the models of juicers that guarantee the safety for dishwashers. You can use small cleaning brushes to make your juicer sanitized.   


After washing the juicing machine, you have to put its parts together. Prefer one, that is easy to assemble after washing. Some juices are really very complicated to assemble after washing.  I will recommend you choose one that is not so complicated and easy to understand.   

Additional features

To use your juicer as a multi-purpose, you should buy a juicer that can extract juice not only from ginger but also from other fruits and vegetables. You will find a large number of juicer on the store that can execute  more than one jobs that includes churning, juicing, grinding etc. I’ll strongly recommend you to buy multi-purpose juicer and save your hard-earned money.


Children whose age is under two years should avoid gingeras it can cause health problems for them. While children who are above two years can consume ginger when they are suffering from nausea, headache, or digestive issues. People who are patients of gallbladder should avoid ginger. 


Buy a juicer that offers a promising warranty of years. In this way, you can highlight the company defects that remain unexposed at stores. Some expensive juicers come with the warranty of 10-15 years. Some juicers gives the warranty of 1 year. Weak and vain brands do not offer proper warranty


A large range of juicers is available on stores, find one that meets your budget. Do not spend you hard earned money on any substandard juicer, you can get a juicer of good quality within the normal price.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dietary ginger root can stimulate testosterone development by enhancing number of production and increasing blood flow in the testicle.

Ginger can trigger mild symptoms, including nausea, diarrhea, farting, and overall stomach pain. Some woman reported more postpartum cramps while taking ginger. When used for the skin: Ginger is probably healthy when applied in a timely manner.

Ease your metabolism. Calm phantom pains or illness. Keep free of common cold and vomiting, and ease conditions such as cough. Can soothe headaches or muscle aches

Final Verdict;

In conclusion, Our Team suggest you to must try Ginger Juicer once and on your routine life ailments for short terms but it would be best Natural cure for most of medical issues .

Best Ginger Juicers are our prime recommendations, as will help you to extracts out best yield in minimum time that you can incorporate in your daily routine to get maximum results. As ginger-like celery, wheatgrass, other hard vegetables, and leafy green vegetables are always not easy stone to bite. The best Ginger juicer is for the help of those who are looking for it.

Best Masticating juicer series cannot be completed until Spice of every food will be get into consideration.

To sum up, ginger juice cleanses the mouth and enhances the digestion process. Plus, the wonderful antimicrobial effects will help to remove mucus and inflammation in the lungs. So make it for yourself. Have the benefits. Drinking pure ginger juice will also help clear the sore throat. To extract the ginger juice in order to maintain your blood pressure we suggest you the anyone of the 5 products we have reviewed. Hurom is the number one best-price juicer whereas KOIOS is a no-match in its power system. Aicok & Omega are always budget-friendly & high-strength juicers.

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