Healthiest Celery Lime Juice Recipe Step By Step

In the 21st century when everyone is conscious about their health and stay young for a long time then no one is ignorantofthe importance of a balanced diet. They are fully aware of the ingredients of healthy food and its properties.

Well, Celery plays a vital role in maintaining health. It possessesa big range of benefits.

Best Way of Celery Use:

As everyone is familiar with the availability of Celery in stalks. The best quantity is to take 16-ounce celery approximately 9-12 stalks daily. For that purpose, people prefer Celery Lime Juice to add to their dieting plan. It is almost 2 cups in a day. Maybe it would be difficult to take 2 cups consecutively so you can start from 1 cup.The best time is morning or can be taken any time of day.

Best Way of Celery Use

Benefits of Celery Lime Juice:

  • It is full of nutrition. It never lets your health down while maintaining your fitness.
  • It maintains the blood pressure of the body. It is also good for high blood pressure peopleby acting as a smooth muscle relaxant.
  • It protects the skin from the internal side and prevents ultra-violent damages whichkeep the skin glowing and shiny of diet conscious people.
  • It is full of essential minerals and vitamins whichhelps the body to fall and decay.
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatorythat fights infections and healsthem rapidly.
  • It bolsters the liver and prevents if from ulcers.
  • It has an alkalizing effect whichmakes less acidity.
  • It improves the immunity of the body and prepares it to fight the disease effectively.
  • It activates such guts in our body which improves the digestion process.
  • It is having a powerful anti-oxidant that kills the cancer cells in the body.
  • It is the best remedy for diabetes patients.
  • It controls the cholesterol level which supports the body to work actively.
  • It is also beneficial for eye health.
  • It reduces the weight.
  • Lime and Celery combination add the brightness and extra taste in juice which helps the people to drink it with delight.
  • It cures you from theseasonal virus like cold, flu and chest infections.
  • It can help you in water retention and bloating.

How to make coldslthiest Celery Lime Juice?

Now the question arisesof how to make the Celery Lime Juice by maintaining its freshness,taste and nutrition after knowing the qualities of the Celery Lime Juice.

You need to find the best juicer or blender to make this amazing beverage to drink. As it has become the hottest trend to serve it in gatherings with beautiful presentations. It is also recommended and approved the best nutrition drink medically as well. Celery is also used in medicines. Still, you are supposed to consult your healthcare to take this healthy juice according to your body state.

Actually to make the celery lime juice is not a big task to do, but you need to be a bit aware ofthe ingredients and the cleanliness. Organic celery would be highly recommended for the best results of your desired goals.

How to make cold healthiest Celery Lime Juice

Step 1

Here first you need to talk about fresh and clean Celery stalks and good lemons from the shop.

Step 2

Take the bunch of Celery and clear or cut off the extra roots and branches from the base and top of the stalks. The leaves have the best properties from a healthy point of view. Peel the lemons according to your desired taste. If you want to add more flavour then add two lemons or lemon juice otherwise a lemon can change the entire taste and properties.

Step 3

Wash the stalks thoroughly in a big bowl because they are sprayed with pesticides or may be they have the dust layer over the leaves. They reach you after passing through so many places so dust and impuritiesshould be removed in running water. Afterwards, dry them properly.

Step 4

Now place or insert the ingredients into your best juicer. The choice of juicer can help you more in increasing the actual and natural taste of the Celery Lime juice. Then add the peeled lemon slices or juice into the juicer. Or you can squeeze the lemon at the end over the collected Celery juice.

Step 5

Add ½ cup of water into the ingredients or of your need. To take the best results, don’t add any other spice.

Step 6

Now pour the whole liquid into the strainer to get the smooth, fresh and foamy juice.

Step 7

Serve and drink it immediately to get the nourishing, healthy effect of the amazing beverage.

Step 8

You can keep the leftover pulp in the airtight jar in the fridge as well for later use.

Most people suggest addingapples in Celery juice to add sweetness in the juicebut it’s not highly recommended for diabetes patients. Pear can be a good addition to the juice to increase the benefits and taste of the juice. Coriander,Spinach and Mint leaves can be good variations in taste. Ginger, Celery and Lime can do the miracle in taste.

You can more enjoy the taste of Celery Lime Juice if your taste buds are quite familiar with the taste of Celery. You will found a big number of people who like the taste of Celery. You can drink it with your daily meal. But with breakfast in the morning time is the best time to intake this healthy drink.

This drink can help you in reducing weight amazingly as it has low calories and is full of nutrition. It helps you out to enjoy your diet chart by having the tasty beverage. Medical medium suggests to drink 2 cups daily but still you need to confirm it from your healthcare for getting the best results.

After knowing the benefits of this drink people start to drink it enthusiastically but they are left with no results because it works gradually and effectively. Patience is the main demand of this. It would be the best healthy drink with magical results and would do the miracle if you use it constantly and keep it part of your daily diet chart.


So this is the good healthiest natural juice thatsaves you from medication and protects your body from inside and out. It helps you in maintaining your health along with dieting.

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