Difference and Comparison Between Apple Cider vs Apple Juice

So, you’re looking for a comparison between apple cider vs apple juice. Well, you have definitely come to the right place because today on the blog, we will help you distinguish the difference between apple cider and apple juice.

While both products share a common fruit origin, they are very different from each other. Before you and your family hop in the car and head to a local farm and enjoy an apple picking activity, you might be interested in knowing the difference between the two. 

After all, the United States has one of the biggest apple industries. In 2019 alone the apple cider industry has contributed USD 2.16 bullion, progressing at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2021 and is forecasted to remain the same in 2026. 

apple cider vs apple juice

Apple Cider vs Apple juice: Where Does Apple Cider Come From? 

Apple cider comes from the apple fruits. To create a cider, the apples are washed, cut, and ground into an “apple mash’’ like that of applesauce. The mash is then wrapped in cloth and pressed into a raw apple juice before it goes through a filtration process to remove coarse particles.  

After the filtration process, the apple juice is then exposed to yeast to encourage fermentation. Bacteria are further added to ferment the alcohol and turn it into an acetic acid – the main compound of apple cider vinegar that is responsible for its health benefits. 

The apple cider has a very strong sour smell and flavor. While it doesn’t contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, it is very rich in potassium. Good quality apple cider vinegar is also rich in amino acids and antioxidants.

Various studies have supported the health benefits of taking apple cider vinegar. According to a study, adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your diet can help you lose weight. It also reduces body fat percentage and decreases cholesterols. 

what is apple juice

Apple cider vs apple juice: What is Apple Juice?

Apple juice is the natural extract of the apple fruit. To extract juice from the apple, the same process as mentioned above is followed except that it doesn’t go fermentation. 

To increase the shelf life, the apple juice is then pasteurized and then stored at cold temperature to preserve its sweetness. One distinct feature of apple juice is that it tastes sugary and can be taken in a large volume while the apple cider is sour and shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts. 

Is it easy to make apple juice? The quick answer is yes. Traditionally, apples are mashed and squeezed in a clean cloth to extract the juice. But this old process is daunting and time-consuming. If you want to enjoy a glass of fresh apple juice or more, you can have the Hurom masticating slow juicer. It helps you extract the freshest juice from your favorite apple fruits in less than a minute. If you’re asked what is the difference between apple cider and apple juice – you can have the answers here.

apple cider vs apple juice

Which is Better For You? Apple Cider or Apple Juice?

It depends entirely on how you utilize both products. Generally, the number of calories and vitamins in apple cider and apple juice is about the same. When the cider is filtered to make juice, it does lose some of the nutritional properties such as the polyphenol compounds. This compound is known to help reduce the risk of cancer.

However, the healthiest choice would be the unprocessed apple fruit or apple juice. Apple cider vinegar has gone through a series of filtration and fermentation processes, which somehow altered its taste and nutrients. 

Unlike apple cider, the apple fruit or fresh apple juice still contains fiber in addition to a whole host of nutrients that help fight various diseases and common ailments including cough and cold. Since it has a smoother texture, it is tastier and more refreshing. 

Here’s a friendly tip: apple juice has a lot of natural preservatives in it. To increase its shelf life, you can store it in your refrigerator.  

difference between apple cider and apple juice

Can You Substitute Apple Cider With Apple Juice in Recipes?

The good news you can substitute cider with apple juice. Albeit the fresh apple juice doesn’t contain the sour taste of the cider, it nevertheless elevates the taste of your food at another level. However, since the apple juice is sweet, you need to reduce the sugar in your recipe.

The apple juice is also great for pastries. It can be used as your natural food sweetener. If you don’t want to mix it with your recipe, you can still have a glass of apple fruit juice. You can use your Hurom masticating juicer to extract juice from your freshly picked apple fruits. Serve it in your favorite glass and add ice.

So, what’s the difference between apple juice and apple cider? Now you have a comprehensive view of the difference between the two. You know which you should pick between apple cider vs apple juice.

Apple Cider vs Apple Juice: Comparison of Benefits

There are many other benefits of apple cider vinegar but let’s take a closer look at the benefits by comparing it with apple juice.

Apple CiderApple Juice
Improves insulin sensitivityImproves eye health
Helps you lose weightPrevents diabetes
Improves good cholesterol levelsLowers blood pressure
Aids heart burnLowers blood sugar levels
Keeps skin looking youngBoost immunity
Aids heart burnHelps fight common ailments
Makes you feel fullerHelps fight common ailments
Kills bacteriaReduces acne
Improves good cholesterol levelsReduces acne
Improves good cholesterol levelsLowers blood sugar levels

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More Common Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Adding apple cider to your diet doesn’t only help with your weight loss journey. It brings a lot of health a whole host of benefits for the human body. Read on to learn a thing or two about apple cider vinegar and how they are utilized by many people.

1. Relieves sore throat

Gargling apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy for sore throat. The cider contains antibacterial properties that could help kill off the bacteria which causes sore throat. Just mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with water before gargling.   

2. Adds flavor to your soup

 Adding vinegar to your soup can help bring its flavors to life. Whether you’re making a homemade chicken soup or reset vegetable soup, adding a tincture of apple cider can make it taste better.

You can add a little more and taste as you go until you reach the flavor you enjoy. Just don’t put too much to prevent it from becoming too acidic. 

3. Enhance the flavor of home-made cakes and pastries

Apple cider vinegar is a popular flavor enhancer for vegan pastries. Vegan pastries usually do not include eggs but adding apple cider vinegar, adds extra flavor that makes pastries delicious for sweet lovers. 

4. Reduces sugar level

Another popular benefit of apple cider vinegar is the capability to reduce blood sugar levels. If you have a family history of diabetes, you can consider drinking apple cider vinegar to create the risk of developing the disease. 

People with diabetes can also include apple cider in their diet to help lower their sugar levels. However, you should consult your doctor first before taking it. Nothing replaces medication for people who have severe cases of diabetes. 

5.Improves digestion

Taking at least a teaspoon of apple cider every day can help get rid of heartburn, reduce bloating, and improve your overall digestion. To have proper digestion there must be enough acid in your stomach to break down the food faster. When there’s not enough acid, digestion slows down and food is converted into fat. 

what's the difference between apple juice and apple cider

Apple Cider as Alcoholic Beverage 

Nevertheless, you can make your apple cider cocktails recipe to put a sparkle in your evening. It is very light, refreshing, and adaptable as a base to any of your alcoholic beverages. Even so, apple juice can also be used as a tincture or complements to various alcoholic beverages. Again, the best choice always depends on how you utilized them.

In the previous years, apple cider was used to create alcoholic beverages. However, the introduction of many other beverages made from other fruits like grapes, mulberries, and strawberries have somehow led to the decrease in the consumption of apple cider beverage. It is also referred to as “hard apple cider.”

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