Does Juicing for Acne Actually Work?

Yeah, Juicing is essential to your skin and body in the same way, juicing has astonishing benefits to rejuvenate your skin and it solves all your skin issues without any side effects. In a couple of days, you will feel the positive difference in your skin and body as well. Juicing is the best pick to cure acne and other skin issues. Juicing makes the skin of your face healthy and glowing. Fruits and vegetable juice are abundant in nutrients and contain a smaller number of calories, therefore it also helps in balancing calorie intake in your body.

Acne is caused by a deficiency of adequate vitamins and nutrients or less consumption of water; juicing can be really effective to acne problems. Juicing can give a new life to your skin and body too.

To eliminate acne scars or pimples from your face, you must choose green veggies and those fruits which are high in fiber. Fresh leafy greens and fruits can play a major role in clearing your face skin. The ingredients must be rinsed properly before making juice. You can consume juicing during breakfast or brunch but you need to adjust it that best suits to your daily routine. However, juice consumption for healthy and acne free skin in the morning is one of the best options.

Skin Purifying Ingredients:

Juicing can do wonders while dealing with your skin issues especially acne problem. So, you must consider specific fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, nutrients and produce more liquid. Some of them are given below:

Skin Purifying Ingredients

Leafy Greens: Leafy greens are packed with a lot of possible benefits for our skin and body. It lifts the immune system, lessens depression, and deals with skin acne, repairs the old cells and generates new cells in the skin.

Carrots: Carrots are packed with Vitamin A, which helps to reduce anti-aging and it also contains Vitamin Which assists in improving regulation of liver and removes toxins in the body. This is how the acne skin issue is resolved.

Kale: Kale is rich in Sulphur and helps to detoxify the skin, alongVitamin such Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3, all these vitamins help in the maintenance and repair of the skin and diminish acne with the help of beta carotene.

Beetroot: Beetroot is abundant in vitamins and nutrients that are essential in skin health and glow. They are also comprised of niacin, potassium, iron, zinc, folic acid, magnesium, copper etc.

Celery: Celery is one of the finest choices to help revitalize your skin, it plays essential role to cleans and remove oxidants. Celery contains silica which is powerful in the maintenance and regeneration of your skin and healsyour acne.

Lemons: Lemon is a great source of cleaning your assists in regulating the digestion system, reduces acidity in your skin and helps with acne problems. They can even diminish acne scars as well. Lemons are packed with Vitamin Cgenerates collagen in the skin and solve skin issues.

Wonderful Juicing recipes for Skin Acne:

Juicing can work best to relive your acne problems and it works faster than any medication or beauty creams. Sometimes acne is caused by the excessive amount of insulin in our body which proceeds acne issues. Juicing also normalizes the quantity of sugar in your blood and reduces insulin production. An account of perfect and healthy recipes which will work faster and heal your skin acne in an organic way is given below:

1. Celery Juicing:

Celery Juicing could be our first priority as it’s a natural ingredient. This juice product will hydrate your body and provide an adequate amount of nutrients, to eliminate skin acne. For example, unclean plasma can trigger acne problems and celery juice will clear your blood and averts acne.

You will need:

  • Celery Stalks (5)
  • Carrots (5)
  • Cucumber (1)
  • Spinach (1 cup)


Cut the ingredients and put them into the juicer. Celery juice is flawless and it does not have any side effects.

2. Juicing Carrots:

Wonderful Juicing recipes for Skin Acne

Carrots along greens is a best combination for you skin acne healing will not only make your skin free of acne but transform your body health as well.

You will need:

  • Carrots (5)
  • Ginger (a bit)
  • Pineapples (1 cup)
  • Grapefruit (peeled)
  • Yellow Sweet pepper (1)


Cut all the ingredients and blend them well. Your fresh and effective juice carrot greens juice is ready.

3. Juicing Beetroots:

Beets is another effective cure to your skin acne problems. Beets can make our skin refreshing and beautiful.

You will need:

  • Beetroot (1)
  • Carrots (3)
  • Cucumber (1)
  • Apple (1)


Put all the ingredients into juicer and serve with ice cubes.

4. Juicing lemons:

Wonderful Juicing recipes for Skin Acne

Lemons are really wonderful for skin acne problems. Vitamin C regulates collagen production and thus fights off skin acne.

You will need:

  • Lemon (Half)
  • Apple cider Vinegar
  • Black salt
  • A bit Sugar 


Squeeze the half lemon into water, Add up Apple cider vinegar. you can also add black salt and sugar for flavor. The apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid helps in rebalancing our body level.

5. Juicing Citrus:

Citrus is a combination of citrus, lemon, orange, carrots, and kale a leafy green which is an essential ingredient as well. These ingredients contain anti-inflammatory stuff to remove skin acne.

You will need:

  • Orange (1)
  • Lemon (1)
  • Ginger (a bit)
  • Carrots (5)
  • Kale (3 to 4 leaves)


Chop the ingredients and blend them into juicer to make a finest juice.

To wrap it up,

Acne is an inflammatory skin issue, hormonal imbalance, dehydration, unhealthy diet such as snacks or junk foods can trigger acne on your face. Juicing can not only remove acne but also can regulate perfect hormone balance. Once you have gone through medication and other remedies, juicing is a perfect option to choose. Juicing is reliable and safe for your body and skin. Juicing can work wonders just in few days, as it will repair your skin cells and produces collagen in your dace skin which helps to boos up skin glow and removes acne.

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