How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

How long will a fresh juice last depends upon the type of juicer? Juice made of centrifugal juicer lasts for about 24 hours in a refrigerator. On the other hand, if the juice is made with masticating juicer, it will last for 2-3 days. However, the juice will last for four to five days if it is made with a fancy twin gear juicer.

Comparison between masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers:

Comparison between masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers

The other name of masticating juicers is slow juicers or cold juicers. They are named so because of their slow auger RPM. High-end masticating juicers with two augers are called twin gear juicers. In this type of juicer, the juice is prevented from heating and the oxidation process. This is the reason why juice from a cold press juicer last for 2 to 3 days.

In  a centrifugal juicer, due to the quick whirling of juicing blade, air is sucked into the machine which causes the oxidation process to occur as well as the heating up of juice and in this way, juice spoils rapidly. Hence, masticating kind of juicer can definitely prolong the shelf life of your juice.

Period for a juice to lose its Nutritional Content:

There are two different things that are the spoiling of juice and the damage of the nutritional value of the juice. The juice nutrients begin to damage after half an hour in oxidation process.

Fresh juices stored in Mason jar:

Fresh juices are also stored in a mason jar. If a juice is made with centrifugal juicer, it will last for one whole day in a mason jar. On the other hand, as discussed above that masticating juicer is more efficient, the juice made with masticating juicer will last for three days stored in a masticating jar. But the juices will last this long when kept in a refrigerator.

Period for a juice to lose its Nutritional Content

Blended Juice:

There is another way of juicing instead of cold press juicing and centrifugal juicing and this way is blending. The way of blending is wherever in the intermediate of the other two ways. Again, in the process of blending heat transfer occur which causes the faster cosseting of juice. And the juice made with blender hardly lasts for a day or two.

Indications of a spoiled juice:

After certain time, if the juice is not giving the same smell as it gave when you first made it, then the juice is gone bad and it is harmful to drink it. Another sign of the spoiling of juice is that it changes its color after a certain time. So, if you feel the change in color of your juice, that is most probably brown, do not drink it because it is not safe to drink it.

Juice stored in freezer:

Protecting juice in a freezer can harm the nutritional value of juice, so a refrigerator is generally not preferred to keep juice. Juice in kept in the refrigerator is drinkable for up to 6 months but it begins to loss its nutritional values over the time.

Do different kinds of juice spoil at the same rates:

Different types of juices spoil at different rates. Like, carrot juice and orange will go bad at the same rate rather differently. So, it is better to drink juices quickly after they are made. Juices like lemon juice, lime juice, carrot juice, beet juice etc. can give the best results when used proximately after making. Or you can get the better results within 24 hours, when stored in a refrigerator. Juices in bottles at stores last longer than homemade juices because the juices at stores have additional preservatives which can’t be done for homemade juices. This is the reason why store-bought juices last for months unopened.Another way to make our juices last longer is to squeeze them with citrus juice. For this purpose, citric acid in lemon and lime juices can be used.

Do different kinds of juice spoil at the same rates

Long lasting homemade fresh juice:

The juice made at homes can last longer when properly stored in bottles. I would like to prefer glass bottles over plastic bottles. Glass bottles can get easily into dishwasher and they don’t get cloudy.  Juice can be stored in the refrigerator or in an airtight container. The container must be dry and clean and it would be better if it is made of glass so that you can see inside. 

Vacuum Sealing:

There is a pretty new technology to keep juice fresh for a long time and this is vacuum sealing. This idea is more effective than bottling and keeping in a freezer. In this technique, after you have made juice, you can vacuum seal your juice in a fine bottle. In this way, you can keep your juice fresher for a long time.

Fresh products:

The products (fruits and vegetables), you use to make juice, must be fresh and new. This will help the juice to remain fresh for a longer time. But if the products you use are close to expire, their juice wouldn’t last fresh for a long time once it is made. In order to get long-lasting fresh juice, you need to buy organic products. But as the organic products are expensive and costly, not everyone can easily buy them. The substitute for organic products are regular fresh vegetables and fruits. You can use them to get a long-lasting fresh juice.


To sum up, reliant to the kind of juicer used to make juice, fresh juice lasts for at least 24 hours and at most 2-3 days. To get a long-lasting fresh juice, masticating juicer should be preferred. If you drink some spoiled juice, then you will need proper hospitalization or a bathroom because after drinking the juice, you can assume food poisoning and get the symptoms like upsetting of  your stomach, stomach pain and all stuff like that.

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