How to Do a Juice Cleanse – Advantages, Weight Loss & More 2022

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” I hope everyone has heard this idiom, but what does it actually mean? The meaning of this idiom is that eating healthy food will not make you sick. Two years ago, everyone around me was convincing me to live a healthy life. But my perception of healthy life was something that was beyond my limits.

For me, living a healthy life was like starving to death. Adapting my taste buds for healthy foods from unhealthy ones was like the tip of the iceberg. Changing unhealthy habits to healthy ones and avoiding junk food was not a piece of cake for me. After many trials and failures, I just made up my mind to be on a healthy diet for just a month.

So my friend suggested me to start with a detox diet, and I decided to make a fresh start by doing a juice cleanse. A regular intake of a juice cleanse for a week has reduced my craving for carbohydrates, and gradually I started to lose weight within a month. And that’s how my weight loss journey started.

Slowly and gradually, I started noticing a big change in me from the inside out. I became more active, my skin started to glow naturally, and my hair was getting healthier. With the passage of time, I completely switch my life into a healthier version. Initially, it was a big challenge for me to control my cravings and was really getting on my nerves, but once your mind is on track, then you’ll be able to maintain it effortlessly.

I know that you all are now curious to know that what juice cleanse is, its benefits, and how effective its results are. So I am here to give you authentic information about the juice cleanses. So what are you waiting for? Stick to this article as it will clear all your vague concepts and will help you to start a healthy life.

What is Juice Cleanse?

As you all know, the game-changing element in my weight loss journey was a juice cleanse. Many of you are unaware of the fact that how it makes you lose weight in a shorter period of time. So basically, juice cleanse is the type of detox diet in which you only consume fresh juices of fruits and vegetables from one to seven days.

With the fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, your body gets detoxified from many harmful toxins and you feel nourished. As fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, so the consumption of their juices supplies extra nutrients to the body that accelerates your health. This diet is for a shorter time period, and you can do a juice cleanse three days a week.

Advantages of Juice Cleanse

Advantages of Juice Cleanse

Juices from fruits and vegetables are really beneficial for health as they boost up the metabolism and wipe off toxins and waste from the body. These are the high source of vitamins and minerals that provide nutrients to the body. Juice cleanse has many other advantages that are as follows.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: These juices have anti-inflammatory properties that make you feel active and accelerate the immune system.
  • Digestion: intake of these juices enhances the digestive system by releasing enzymes, making your gut work efficiently.
  • Weight loss: you can lose weight with the help of juice cleanse rapidly in a shorter period of time.
  • Better Health: consumption of these juices improves your health. Juice cleanse provides extra nutrients to the body that improves the immune system. Also, vitamins and minerals are provided to the body according to its need.
  • Feels energetic: drinking juice cleanse helps in reducing dehydration, which makes you feel energetic and more active.

Prepare Your Body for A Healthy Start

Before getting your act together, you need to prepare your body by cutting off all the unhealthy foods from your diet for juice cleanse. By doing so, you can get maximal benefits from a juice cleanse. For 4 to 7 days, you need to avoid sugar, processed and dairy foods, meat, and alcohol.

During this diet, try to avoid nicotine. By avoiding nicotine, it reduces headaches and cravings during the diet. There are certain categories according to which you can prepare yourself before starting the diet. So by choosing those categories, you can prepare yourself for dieting.

Prepare Your Body for A Healthy Start

Junk Food Lovers

If you are someone that cannot live without junk food, but you also want to be as fit as a fiddle, then avoid junk food for a week. Within that week, try to consume as many fruits and vegetables and their juices as you want. Also, try to drink lots of water for hydration.

American Diet Believers

If you are someone who believes in the American diet, you need to stop eating processed foods, burgers, and fries for at least two to four days. Instead, go for green salad and vegetables. Increase the intake of water.

Weekend Spenders

If you are a weekend lover and spend Saturday and Sunday having dinners and brunches, you should stop yourself from unhealthy pampering. Instead, pamper yourself in a healthy way by starting eating salads and fruits for four to six days. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

To-Do List During Pre Cleanse Diet

  • Drink lots of water during the pre-cleanse diet as it keeps you hydrated and reduces cravings.
  • Eliminate caffeine from your diet as it’s highly acidic and disturbs the alkaline level of the body.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as increase the intake of their juices.
  • Don’t include meat, beef, or chicken in your diet to keep the digestive system lighter.
  • Before starting a healthier version of your life, you need to exclude processed and dairy foods so that you can get maximum benefits from a juice cleanse.

How to Make Juice Cleanse

There is no hard or fast rule while making a juice cleanse. Simple, you have to incorporate fruit and vegetables into the juicer machine and extract the fresh juice from them. Here I have listed some simple recipes for smoothies for you.

How to Make Juice Cleanse
  • Green Smoothie: you need cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple, ginger. Add all these into the juicer and enjoy your green smoothie.
  • Beetroot Smoothie: you will need carrots, beetroot, apple, ginger, lemon. Add in a juicer and enjoy. This smoothie acts as a detoxifier for your body.
  • Carrot and Turmeric Smoothie: for this, you will need oranges, carrots, turmeric, apple, ginger. Put all of them in a juicer and enjoy the energy booster smoothie.

How Juice Cleanse Reduces Weight?

Juice cleanse are helpful for weight loss due to lack of fiber. The absence of fiber helps in controlling your appetite and makes you feel less hungry. This is very effective as you start losing weight within days but can gain weight easily after ending this diet.

The weight loss process through juice cleanse is temporary until you start consuming carbohydrates and fats again. As intake of these juices can slow down your metabolism, that contributes to weight gain when you start eating solid food. So it means that juice cleanse does not only contribute to weight loss; regular exercise and eating healthy also play their part.

How Juice Cleanse Wipe Off Toxins?

Obviously, eating too much unhealthy food makes you feel heavy and bloated. You need to make your digestive system lighter by juice cleanse. Drinking fresh juices of fruits and vegetable act as a detoxifier and cleans off all the toxins from the body.

Try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables as you can as it improves health. The fiber present in fruits and vegetables acts as the cleaner of the digestive system. It removes toxins and wastes from the body. The phytochemicals in these fruits and vegetables help in the detoxification of carcinogens.

What is The Substitute Of Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a temporary solution to reduce weight. As soon as you start eating solid food, the weight can be gained easily. So alternatives to juice cleanse is eating raw fruits and vegetables with whole grains and proteins.

Consult your nutritionist for making a diet plan in which every food around you is incorporated. Try to avoid processed and dairy foods. If you like smoothies, add it up to your diet plan two to three days a week. Add fruit and vegetables of your choice and enjoy. Milk or Greek yogurt can also be added that fulfill the protein portion of your diet.

Adverse Effects of Juice Cleanse on Body

Excess of everything is bad. If you are the one who has exceed the limit of a juice cleanse and started taking it an excess amount, then it’s a dead duck. Excess consumption of juice cleanse can cause many disorders.

Adverse Effects of Juice Cleanse on Body
  • Bacterial Infections can be caused by eating fruits and vegetables without washing them properly and making juice out of those dirty vegetables. So before making a juice cleanse, make sure the ingredients are washed properly.
  • Kidney Stones are caused by beetroot and green leafy vegetables. These two ingredients have excess oxalates that can cause kidney stones and other renal disorders.
  • Low Blood Sugar is caused by excess drinking of juice cleanse. As these juices are low in calories, it reduces the blood sugar level of the body. This can be dangerous for people suffering from hypoglycemia and diabetes.

Positive Facts About Juice Cleanse

  • Wipes off toxins and waste
  • Improves health
  • Reduces weight
  • Improves digestion
  • Makes you active and energetic

Negative Facts About Juice Cleanse

  • Gives temporary results
  • Can cause kidney stones
  • Reduces blood sugar level of the body
  • May lead to bacterial infections


What is a juice cleanse supposed to do?

It is basically a detox diet in which you have to consume fresh juices of fruits and vegetables for weight loss and to detoxify your body from toxins.

How much weight is lost during three days of a juice cleanse?

It is estimated that doing three days of a juice cleanse actually sheds two to three pounds of weight which is actually water weight.

What can you eat during three days of a juice cleanse?

During a juice cleanse, you are only allowed to consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices along with whole grain and eggs. Also, have 8 glasses of water daily for hydration.

Taking Everything Into Account

Juice cleanse is the most beneficial and perfect way to start a healthy life and boost up your metabolism. While on a diet, you can do juice fasting for a maximum of three days to fulfill your nutrients requirements. If you go for an excess amount or, in the long run, it can cause an adverse effect and other health issues.

You can do a juice cleanse along with properly portioned meals which will help you to maintain health in the long run. So give nutrients to the body in the amount that they require. Don’t go for access. My weight loss journey was full of ups and downs, but once you get a hold of it, you can convert your life into a healthier version.

I hope that this article is helpful to you and has cleared all your concepts about juice cleanse. Now you can take a good start by resetting your body and then a juice cleanse for three to five days. After that, start eating in portions. So what are you waiting for? It’s better late than never.

Make a fresh start and enjoy improved health.

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