Omega NC900HDC Juicer 2022 – Expert Choice

Having a hard time finding a Best Masticating Juicer that can carry the juicing game to another level? The Omega NC900HDC is the tool you like. If you’re a layperson in juicing or a practitioner juicing. This commodity is well justified in your expenditure. This slow juicer has a higher yield of juice relative to centrifugal juicers due to an auger pressing and reversing feature. You’ll be shocked how juicy, creamy, refined, and tasty juices are harvested with this juicer.

What makes this so unique, you reckon? In reality, different things. This thorough Omega NC900HDC- easiest operative masticating juicer. Analysis is here to plan your way to make the right choice on the child-friendly masticating juicers to invest your dollars on.

Omega NC900HDC Juicer specification


Omega NC900HDC



  • Exclusive dual-step chewing extraction.
  • 5-Adjustable cap settings to achieve optimum juice production.
  • Both the pieces that directly enter the juice are BPA-free.
  • Quiet but strong engines with reduced gears.
  • Needs such consumer learning to produce the best outcomes.
  • It seems a bit cumbersome and room-consuming.


Color: Metallic
Material: Plastic
Brand: Omega
Weight: 13 Pounds
Dimension LxWxH: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
Speed ; 80rpm


  • Continuous juicing with automated pulp ejection.
  • Special “Dual Stage” mastication extraction.
  • Five flexible settings for optimum juice production.
  • Larger feed chute (compared to J8226).
  • Strong yield of juice – very dry pulp.
  • An efficient engine.
  • No foaming than double-gear juicers.
Omega NC900HDC Juicer
Infographic: Omega NC900HDC Juicer

Important Features

Quality of Juice

 Low speed 80 RPM engines providing reduced heat build-up and oxidation for safe and longer-lasting juices (up to 3 days). Its nutrition system incorporates all sections used to produce all-natural almond milk, nut milk, frozen berries, sorbets, spaghetti, infant formula, chopped herbs, and mixed beans.

Performance and Design

Dual-stage processing for higher yield and higher efficiency. The 5-setting end cap is customizable for various items. Continuous juice with automated pulp discharge is the favorite feature. It performs admirably as a Nutrient Hub. Ideal for handling other non-fruit components. Various nozzles for multiple sorts of nutritional inputs, BPA-free juice-making elements, and industry-leading 15-year run warranty are included in this model.

Quality Manufacturing

The Omega NC900HDC Quality Feeding System is a ‘masticating style’ juice extraction method and more! Masticated juice juices at slower speeds of 80 RPM, reducing heat build-up and corrosion. It provides lifetime professional support and customer care.

Simple to use

Easy clean-up with simple to understand & customer-friendly operation and cleaning. Simple to assemble, work, and disinfect, dishwasher-safe pieces render this a breeze cleaner. Plays gently – usually less than 60 dB. Heavy-duty, healthy body helps you experience a peaceful atmosphere and a healing life while producing juice.


You can have the food effectively by juicing and using the pulp to prepare with and using fruits and vegetables. For juices that would otherwise be tossed until gently softened. Strong but quiet engines with limited running noise.

Frequently Asked Question

Omega juicers are quite easy to operate and function with, giving consumers much satisfaction in their hydrating habits. For installing, all the Omega hydrating programs incorporate a guide to tell you how to do something. First-time consumers might have a little while actually to bring all the parts together, but obey the guide carefully, and you’ll be there.

A rigorous cleaning process is essential to ensuring that the system performs properly and delivers nutritious juice. Unfortunately, this process typically takes you a frustrating period of time to complete.

A rigorous cleaning process is essential to ensuring that the system performs properly and delivers nutritious juice. Unfortunately, this process typically takes you a frustrating period of time to complete.

Final Verdict

After this analysis of the Omega NC900HDC. W trust that you learned that this Omega Device Juicer is an efficient masticating juice extractor that can perform various tasks. For a further study of factors that would be considered before buying masticating juicers. Please go through our best buying guide.
The Omega NC900HDC will be an outstanding addition to any home due to its elegant architecture combined with fantastic quality and extraordinary flexibility.

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