The Philips Cold Press Masticating juicer – Expert Review & Best Guide 2022

The Philips HR1897/34 is the company’s more economical “slow,” or masticating juicer. It lies opposite the more expensive Avance HR1947. Although It is simple to assemble and clean, with dishwasher-safe detachable pieces, It does well with leafy greens but not so well with tougher vegetables. It comes with a recipe manual, much like other Philips juicers, and has nice touches like integrated cord storage.

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Quality Of Juice9.7

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Philips Cold Press Masticating juicer
Infographic: Philips Cold Press Masticating juicer

Duty Latch

The masticating shaft assembly is kept in place by a nice heavy duty latch on this appliance.

SANS plastic

The pulp and juice containers are made of SANS plastic, which outperforms polycarbonate in terms of dishwasher wear tolerance. This is because SANS plastic is more resistant to contaminants in dishwashing detergent.


When the juice keeping jar is not in operation, the anti-spill spout is a good option since it prevents dribbling on the countertop. The majority of juicers lack an anti-drip spout.

Power Cord

It’s really good when a nicer-than-average appliance comes with a nicer-than-average power cord, which I like a nice round power cord. This appliance’s power cord is just average; it’s a standard power cord that can be used on most appliances. With that said, the power cord is adequate, and its thinness allows it to wind up more easily on the lower portion of the base.


This Philips juicer is built to be thinner than other juicers manufactured by other companies, which is ideal for kitchens with minimal counter space.

Masticating juicers have a terrible reputation for being slow. This Philips juicer is built to be thinner than other juicers manufactured by other companies, which is ideal for kitchens with minimal counter space.

Despite its corkscrew mechanism, though, the Philips offers a full glass of juice in one minute and blends sleek styling with excellent functionality. This juicer came out on top of all the juicers we checked to be named the ‘best cold press juicer.’


The HR1887/34 looks similar to many other smaller masticating machines because it is compact but long and narrow in form, with its feed tube protruding. The juicer’s main body is black plastic with silver detailing, and the juicing assembly with the feed tube is clear plastic.


Two buttons are located on the top of this juicer: one turns the juicer on and off, and the other reverses the orientation of the motor. The reverse setting is used to pre-rinse the device before allowing the final volume of juices to flow in.

Reverse function

The corkscrew mechanism has a reverse feature that would be useful for dislodging some stubborn chunks, but we didn’t come across any.

Quality of juice

The juicer’s best feature is the high quality of the juice it produces, smooth and flavorful. To make the pulp pass through the juicer quickly, alternate the ingredients strategically. A crisp apple, for example, can aid in the digestion of any fibrous pulp leftover from kale or ginger.

Six rubber pads on the bottom of this Philips juicer make it rest securely. This appliance’s parts are made of high-quality materials, mostly hard plastics that will last a long time. The rotating middle shaft, which crushes the fruits and vegetables, is well-built, and the smallest piece, which does the majority of the crushing, is made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Tap attachment

When you’re about to empty the juice bottle, there’s a tap attachment on the spout to help avoid leakage, which is very useful because drips are a popular mess-maker for juices.

No indicator light but bleep

The juicer does not have a light to show that it is ready to use, but it does emit a high-pitched bleep when inserted into a power outlet.


The one-liter juice jug is labeled with “ml” and “fl oz.” The black plastic bin is tiny; however, this helps to hold all of the juicing equipment inside the D36.2 x W13.7 x H36.1cm Dimensions of the appliance.


This contrasts with larger units, such as the Sage Big Squeeze or the Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press, which have more enormous jugs and take more space during the juicing process.


A black plastic plunger is also used to help maneuver the fruit and vegetables down onto the spinning screw.


The juicing bowl can be sealed without spilling, thanks to a convenient drip-stop. There is no cleaning brush included, but it doesn’t seem appropriate given that the filter connected to the squeezing chamber can be quickly washed with running water.

Recipe Booklet

A nice touch is that the HR1887/34 comes with a colorful recipe booklet and directions for searching and using the Philips Healthy Drinks app.

1. Philips Masticating juicer


Philips Masticating juicer



  • XL feeder chute
  • Modern layout
  • Juice tap
  • Very-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recipe booklet
  • Large footprint


Color: Silver
Item weight: 11.65 pounds
Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.75 x 17.05 x 14.13 inches
Function: Forward and reverse functions
Power: 200-watts
Rinse clean time: 90 sec
Warranty: 2years

How does it feel to Use?

When you turn on the Philips HR1889, you’ll hear a high-pitched bleep before the motor kicks in and turns the screw within the juicing device.

With leafy greens

I had great success juicing leafy greens, with 100g of regular shredded store kale yielding 70ml of juice. There was a small amount of sediment, but it was hardly visible when mixing into the liquid. When grinding the leafy greens, the machine-made some funny squeaking noises, but that is only part of the operation and is still more pleasing to the ear than the drill-like noise of some centrifugal juicers.

With spinach leaves

The exact amount of baby spinach leaves yielded 50ml of milk, with an additional foam layer on top. It will be challenging to fit a foam separator lid on the jug due to this juicer’s design. However, since the juicing speed is slower than in most other juicers, the amount of foam produced is small. Some spinach leaves got trapped in the feed tube during juicing, emphasizing the importance of varying the ingredients.

How does it feel to Use

With Apples

I then juiced two medium-sized Granny Smith apples, yielding 150ml of juice with a bit of pulp. This is a reasonably typical outcome. Although Philips can juicing entire apples, the smaller the bits, the less likely any blockages will occur. Half an apple remained on top of the screw while the computer was working, necessitating using the reverse mechanism to remove it.

With Grapes

Many grapes are easily juiced, which is another advantage of a sluggish juicer over centrifugal juicers, which appear to chuck lighter pieces of fruit around without actually squeezing the best out of them.

With Carrots

Three medium carrots yielded a rather underwhelming 100ml of juice. And if the juice was transparent and there was no other pulp, the carrot pulp in the bin was juicy enough to use in a carrot cake. Juicing carrots were the loudest operation here, making a sound similar to dragging a chair over a concrete floor.

Cleaning & Assembly

I had to empty the bin often when producing several different juices. This wasn’t a difficult task, but it might be inconvenient if you try to make many glasses of juice at once – for example, if you’re juicing for the whole family.

Until washing, rinse the juicer by filling the juicing unit with water and running the engine—this aids in the pre-cleaning of the juicing screw and squeezing chamber.

All of the removable pieces are dishwasher resistant, and they’re also simple to clean by hand. This involves the micro-sieve, which is a small sieve.

Choice Worth Considering

Even if you’re looking for a compact masticating juicer and don’t need to produce big batches of juice at once, is a quality choice worth considering.

Why buy Philips HR1887/34?

The Philips HR1897/34 is a reasonably priced choice among successful slow juicers. It may not be the fastest at processing hard fruits and vegetables like carrots, but it excels at processing leafy greens and soft fruit.

The HR1897/34’s main rival is the much more expensive Philips Avance Micro Masticating juicer. The latter can also make nut milk and juice softer and starchier fruits like mangoes and bananas that are not appropriate. Meanwhile, the Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer, which is less expensive, comes with an extra frozen attachment for producing sorbets.

Final Verdict

The Philips HR1897/34 Masticating Juicer is a simple slow juicer with recipe suggestions. This Philips masticating juicer is an outstanding mid-range unit with a well-thought-out concept for those looking for a new and inexpensive juicer. The Philips HR1897/34 is a perfect choice to explore if you’re looking for a daily juicer that mixes modern styling with great versatility.

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