Prune Juice treats Baby Constipation-7 Foods They Should Avoid 2022

Constipation is when a baby or a toddler is having difficulties in emptying bowels, fierce and intense during emptying or happening 3 times in a whole week. This could cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the babies and the parents as well. Mostly babies less than the 5 years often have exposure to such hard and vigorous circumstances. The most problematic thing is that they are unable to communicate well under this age, and the situation gets worse. Therefore, parents must consider the very symptoms of constipation among babies or toddlers. For instance, they might suffer through pain, tension and irregular toilet routine is also a cue that they might be having movement complications. The change in diet of the children can also cause this problem as if they move from a fluid intake to solid intake.

Prune juice is one of the best options to treat your babies constipation. It works like a magic and has been approved really effectual in dealing with babies’ constipation and turning their stress into comfort.

Why treat your baby’s constipation with prune juice?

Prune product is a natural and essential remedy to treat babies constipation. Prune juice is packed with minerals such as iron, potassium, vitamins and much more. Prune juice is harmless and most convenient product other than heavy and bitter medications which the babies are not easily going to consume.

Prune juice is just like a protective shield for the babies. Prune juice is made up of dehydrated plums, as they are rich in fiber, nutrients, enzymes and healthy fiber.

Why treat your baby’sconstipation with prune juice

Prune juice also contains inherent sugar and that sugar is packed with laxative that is useful in treating baby’s constipation. Prune juice is also useful for the health and growth of the babies.

Energy booster:

Prunes contains sugars that are useful spring of strength. Energy and prevents spike production in plasma glucose.


Prunes are reliable supplier of dietetic fiber. Besides, they also comprise of soluble and insoluble fibers the former supplies water to the bowls and helps in emptying the bowls easily without pain, the later inserts substance to the stool to drive it faster.

Minerals and Vitamins:

Prunes are highly packed with boron that does not let the bones get week and averts osteoporosis. Inaddition, they retainvitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin 6 and niacin etc.

Phenolic mixtures:

prunescomprise of phenolicmixes. whichenhance the laxative effectivity. These mixes are beneficial in averting heart ache anddisease.

Water and glucose quantity:

prunes are suitable in treating babies constipation, usually because they are rich in water and glucose. So, these two things support to solve constipation in babies.

What Causes Constipation in Babies:

Constipation can be very painful and discomforting for your babies. Here are the following major causes of constipation problem in babies.

What Causes Constipation in Babies
  • They might be sensitive to their day-to-day diet.
  • Raw diet can also trigger constipation in babies.
  • A diet which contains high quantity of fiber.
  • A diet which is not suitable, snacks etc.
  • A diet which is not given to them on daily basis and they are not use to it, this thing might cause constipation.
  • Their diet is not proper and not timely.
  • A nutrient less diet.
  • They are not consuming adequate water.
  • Their diet is totally solid devoid of any liquid.
  • Dehydration, as the babies must consume plenty of water for soft bowl movements.
  • Food poisoning and cold or hot weather can also cause constipation in babies.
  • Irregular toilet routine can also cause constipation as well.

7 Foods They Should Avoid:

When a baby starts his solid intake with insufficient liquid then he can obviously have constipation. Besides, there are certain foods which are not good for the babies or toddlers and they must be eliminated from their diet. Some of them has been numerated below:

Foods They Should Avoid

Milk Protein:

When you give you babies milk other than breast milk, it could cause constipation. They might be sensitive to the protein which is present in local milk. They can also be allergic to milk protein.

Formula food:

Formula food might be heavy and indigestible for the children. Theingredients might not be healthy for your babies. Therefore, you must be a lot cautious in choosing diet for your babies.

Steamed carrots:

Carrots are good source of nutrients and vitamins but if you give steamed carrots to yourbabies, they might cause constipation. As the babies’stomach are fragile, they can’t have such diet. Parents must avoid steamed carrots.

Unripe Bananas:

unripe bananas are really harmful for the child. As they contain much quantity of starch in it, so they can also cause constipation in babies. However, ripe bananas can help relive from constipation as well.

Steamed Apples:

Apples can be useful to treat diarrhea, but steamed apples are very hard and indigestible for babies. Apples contain pectin protein which is not safe for the babies health too.


Cheese is great spring of vitamins and nutrients. Babies love cheese foods and its essential in snacks. Nonetheless, cheese does not have much fiber and that why it can also cause constipation in babies.

White Bread:

white bread which is very common form of is made up of treated texture of grain and it contains less fiber. Because white bread does not have enough amount of fiber and can trigger constipation.

In sum and substance

Prune juice is one of the finest and safe remedy to trat those babies which are having hard bowl movements and dealing with constipation. Prune juice can even deal with constipation in babies just in 24 hours. prune juice can also resolve other digestive problem in babies and provide them nutrients, vitamins, minerals and so on. The parents must be careful with the babies’ diet and must keep a check on the behavior of the babies and their toilet routine as well. They should all the unhealthy and indigestive foods which can cause constipation and leads the babies to discomfort, pain and stress. Parents and guardian must not give them any type of steamed or raw fruits. They must make sure that the babies are consuming an adequate amount of liquid or water to help regulate their digestive system in a proper way.

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