Tribest Greenstar Elite Masticating Extractor GSE-5000- Expert Opinion 2022

There are many things to remember when shopping for a juicer. Consistency of juice, service efficiency, and price, among many other considerations. Various juicers have various focal points. Others are targeted purely at accessibility. While some are concerned with the system’s consistency and the juice.
This Tribest Greenstar Elite masticating extractor GSE-5000 analysis looks at the specifics of a potential superstar. Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press masticating —to see if this chewing juicer is worth a very big premium tag.
The juicer is fitted with stainless steel bio-ceramic and magnetic twin gears for effective grinding, blending, and pressing palatable high-quality juice . The Jumbo Twin Gear technology collects the most juice and expels the driest pulp.

Tribest Greenstar Elite Masticating Extractor GSE-5000


Tribest Greenstar Elite



  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintains greater dietary value
  • Safety Closure
  • Quiet & Slow (100 RPM)
  • Rugged, long-life metal gear
  • Protection device intrinsic
  • Excellent for fibrous goods
  • Top-quality of juices & yield
  • Slower than Juicers Centrifugal

  • Expensive 


Color: White
Material: Plastic
Brand: Tribest
Item Weight: 17.2 Pounds
Item Dimension LxWxH: 18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches

The gradual, cold-pressing extraction process ensures minimum damage to the juice by avoiding oxidation. Thanks to this, the bulk of the enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins in the juice are retained. It also has a fine filter to ensure that the juice contains minimum pulp. The juice can keep for up to 72 hours. So be sure to use a closely sealed bottle.


The GSE-5000 Tribest Green Star Elite does not have one but two spinning gears. It perform the same action as the single auger. But due to the closely meshed gearing, the crushing and mashing up is much more effective.
If you are an anxious fan of juicing, Tribest Green Star Elite is not a juicer to buy. Compared to some other chewing juicers, the feed chute is small. So you must take time to cut the produce into smaller pieces. However, we believe the time is well invested. Since it will more than compensate for the additional few minutes spent slicing before you taste the finished product and know how much juice has been removed.
Greenstar also guarantees the healthy use of the device with the built-in safety table at the tip of the chute. wich should be installed first for the power-up machine. A glass juice reservoir and plastics and wooden pour spouts are included.
The juicer is fitted with pasta arrangements for making flat or round spaghetti, a free homogenizing blank for creating frozen fruit sweets, baby food, almond butter and preserves, and breadsticks for making sandwiches and onion rings.


  • Automated pulp ejection for constant juicing and better drying.
  • Easily squeezes several citrus fruits
  • Acts as a food mill to cook baby food, sorbets and almond butter.
  • Simple to clean and bring together.
  • Portable with a balanced ‘safe grip’ handle for fast handling.
Tribest Greenstar Elite Masticating

Quality of Juice

Dark green vegetable juices are important to wellness. Unlike many other juicers on the market, it is designed to harvest green juices and deliver high volumes with great ease. It juices constantly without trying to plug in, and the fiber falls out dry. With its special Twin Gears, it is able to extract juice from nearly all leafy greens, mushrooms, fibrous crops and vegetation, sprouts and rough or strung vegetables.

Performance and Design

We can minimize overall engine pressure and make good use of Greenstar by simple changes. We can make it easier and more effective for tougher vegetables using special equipment like a special pocket enclosure.

It has special cutting points on each gear, enabling it to extract more easily and to treat silky veggies without getting tangled or blocked up.

Quality Manufacturing

Tribest Company distinguishes from other juicer manufactures in that it has based its business strategy around allowing its consumers to experience healthier lifestyles. This pioneering builder, OEM maker and marketer. It run a wide variety of branded, good-quality, kitchen gadgets in a balanced lifestyle niche.

Magnetic and bio-ceramic processing found only in Greenstar® creates juice of excellent nutritional quality and slows down oxidation-allowing the juice to stay fresh longer.

Simple to use

Its removable juice cap makes it much easier to rinse. The juice cap stops the juice from spilling out or dripping out when you’re swapping juice pots. To extend the product’s consistency, clean the juicer with mild soap and stop using any harsh chemicals, such as bleach.


Greenstar® helps you to quickly adjust the pressure applied within the juice chamber. So, that it can comfortably accommodate a larger range of items without jamming or clogging. Unlike usual dual-gear juicers, the Greenstar’s® Twin Gears provide a nylon buffer zone to stop steel sawdust from unintentionally touching the juice by holding the stainless-steel gears apart at all times during service by a 4/1000 inches range.

If you want to read more about the masticating juicers please see the link


Juicers will cost anything from $75 to $500, and as with most products, you’ll get what you’re paying for. Before purchase, make sure you search the appliance feedback. Vegetables can be costly, but the expense really adds up when you buy sufficient to produce a valuable quantity of juice.

Juice diets are also likely to induce nutritional shortages in the long run, since juices lack certain essential nutrients. Many juicy diets require extreme calorie limits, which are usually impractical in the long run and can contribute to sluggish metabolism.

6 things

  1. Price. As for many kitchen products, you expect to see a connection between the upfront expense of the juicer and the consistency of your juicer.
  2. Nutrients. The point of juice for many consumers is to boost their wellbeing.
  3. Cleaning
  4. Noise
  5. Speeds
  6. Width and length of cord

Final Verdict

The Tribest GreenStar Elite juicer looks pricey. With its excellent yield, juice consistency, and long warranty. it is likely to be one of your longest-serving appliances in the kitchen. Looking at consumer ratings on top shopping platforms, such as Amazon, reveals many pleased users of this fine masticated juicer.
Suppose you consider the cost of some pricey organic leafy greens such as Kale. In that case, this juicer will potentially save you money in the end. Because of the excellent manner in which it removes leafy and fibrous ingredients and gives you optimum yield.
Overall, we deem that this is a valuable purchase for juicer fans who want the highest quality juice.

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