Tribest Slowstar SW-2000, Vertical Slow Juicer & Mincer -A Complete Review 2022

Tribest Slowstar SW-2000, grasp the attention of all juice lovers, it cannot be ignored when we are discussing Juicers. A large number of people need juicing, having lots of explanations like juice derived from fresh fruits and vegetables provides a wealth of ingredients, including minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and natural sugars. None beats a new juice that was extracted out of real fruit in your own refrigerator to drink while relaxing out on your balcony.

This article will send you the facts of the Tribest Corporation’s cold press Slowstar SW-2000 juicer.

Tribest Slowstar SW-2000


Tribest Slowstar SW-2000



  • Quiet & Slow (47 RPM)
  • Rugged, long-life metal gear
  • Protection device intrinsic
  • Excellent for fibrous goods
  • Top-quality juices & yield
  • Comes with a mincer
  • Multi-purpose
  • The plunger needs more force.
  • Sometimes generates more pulp.
  • Expensive 


Color: Red
Material: Plastic
Brand: Tribest
Weight: 18 Pounds
Dimension LxWxH: 8x 8 x 18 inches

At a slow speed of 47 RPM, this slowstar juicer decreases the corrosion of enzymes, antioxidants and other vital nutrients that the resistance and heat generated in the juice system appear to kill. Instead, it retains these minerals, making it a great option for a balanced living consumer. A number of juicing professionals are going to suggest you to search for a juicer which doesn’t block. You’re in the kitchen juicing carrots and you’ve heard in the Huffington Article that they’re healthy for you until it abruptly ends. Bummer, isn’t it?

The carrots were blocked up by the tribest slow star juicer. Luckily for you, this cold – pressed juicer seems to have a 200 watts engine and a 3-stage reduced speed gear that generates quite enough traction as a 9 HP engine, which is two to four times greater crushing power than others

Suffice it to say, it’s not going to block.

Important Features

Quality of Juice

The most critical of our metrics, our Juice Consistency Metric, reflects 40% of the overall ranking. We used different juice recipes to assess the output of each juicer based on the flavor and quality of each juice produced. It squeezes the bulk of bananas, spices, and vegetables quickly, and ground nuts and grains. It arrives with a mincer. Yeah, this juicer is multifunctional. Not only can you create juice from it, but you can also produce sorbets, nut milk, and sauce.

Performance and Design

The vertical cold – pressed juicer includes a duo-blade that provides double the chopping speed. The auger will easily chop and compress your product while collecting high quality juice with little pulp. Electric slow chewing cold – pressed juicer arrives with a cap that avoids spills and drips when moving jars and is removable for quick washing. Shutting the cap and applying water to the auger casing helps pre-rinse the juice screen to make washing smoother. Ejection of automatic pulp for continuous pressing and quick washing.

Important Features

Quality Manufacturing

Tribest Company distinguishes from other juicer manufactures in that it has based its business strategy around allowing its consumers to experience healthier lifestyles. This pioneering builder, OEM maker and marketer run a wide variety of branded, good-quality, kitchen gadgets in a balanced lifestyle niche.

Simple to use

Its removable juice cap makes it much easier to rinse. The juice cap stops the juice from spilling out or dripping out when you’re swapping juice pots. To extend the product’s consistency, clean the juicer with mild soap and stop using any harsh chemicals, such as bleach.


Many people dislike unnecessary traces of pulp. They’re going to enjoy this juicer, so because the Dual blade makes less pulp in the drink. If that isn’t enough to persuade you on it, it’s made of Ultem, a synthetic substance eight times thicker than the cheapest versions found in most sluggish juicers.

Although the initial expense of the juicer (and the time required to scrub it up) is a big expenditure. If you quench thirst more than twice a week, it’s definitely worth it. When you stop at the juice bar just once or twice a season, keep it safe.

They say juice will reduce the chances of cancer, improve your immune system, eliminate toxins from your body, help metabolism and promote weight loss. That being said, there is no scientific proof that the juices derived are better than the juice you get from consuming the fruit or vegetables themselves.

Drinking juices will naturally provide the body with high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants. The easiest way to keep the body lubricated is to fuel it with new vegetable juice in the morning with breakfast and in the evening before dinner. Your body will stay hydrated to make you feel active and reinvigorated.

Final Verdict

By carrying healthy fruit juice in our dietary pattern, we can get a decent diet that will keep us well. But to produce juice, we need to have a device for sure, and Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 Vertical Juicer will be a decent option for that reason. Other than juicing, this awesome machine also ships with a mincing trick, and we can do everything. This is why it’s among the most successful juicers on the marketplace.

For further study about factors should be considered before buying any masticating juicer you should study our best buying guide, that will help you to choose what is best for you.

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